Lady Orien

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Dark and foreboding. Suffocation. Slow descent. Control is exempt. Light. Breath of air. Seconds without despair. But lo, you lose sight again. Suffer. Darkness is your only friend. To the wicked we pray. To the sinners we sway. Hell hath no fury like judgment day.
To be in the BDSM community, is a glorious thing to me. It represents the ability to be open to inner fantasies as well as fulfilling them. Some may call these demons, I call them guardians. Guardians of our true animal instinct, our precious uncelebrated desires. You can`t have the humanity without the insanity. The beast is in our blood, and if you so wish, I will be in your blood too. All that pressure you need to let out. I`m here to settle the score. All those things you need to be punished for? I`m the warden. And if you behave you shall reap reward, tho I shall not say what that reward is. Dangling from a string of pure intensity and emotion, the realm you seek lies in my hands.
I do not tolerate or allow disclosures deionsrequests of sexual activities. I do not provide sexual services. I will not respond to crudity, pornography or sexual acts with kindness or manners. You have been warned.

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I work in Philadelphia. My usual schedule is Mon-Fri 5pm-11pm Sat-Sun 10am-10pm I need at least 24 hour notification and a deposit


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