Your Owner, Goddess Nemesis

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I am a Dominatrix of the highest caliber. I`m skilled in many different forms of BDSM play, and have a sensually sadistic style. I seek submissive men and women, newbies to pros, for mild to extreme encounters. I will only consider applicants who have a sincere desire to please, are intelligent, and enthusiastically open minded. My power over you will be clear. The image you built, the social status you try so hard to maintain out there, doesn`t mean anything to Me. I take pleasure in reminding you of who you are, and you thank Me. Your Goddess, and Owner. Maybe you need to kneel before Me, and feel the sting of My whip and My tongue..I will make each session one you will never forget. I`m sadistic, intelligent and perverse... I adore cross-dressers, and love doing transformations. Perhaps you’d even like to get dressed up and go to a public place? I will assist you with dressing, makeup, hair, and lessons. Outings with me, are divine... I have tons of beautiful things we can play with. From a glamor girl, to my little slut... So, congratulations you found Me. What you do from this point forward will determine whether you will be fortunate enough to kneel before Me. If you’re lucky enough, and you work hard enough, your life will never be the same again. I am both gorgeous and Dominant, which gives Me unparalleled power over you, and those like you. As you cower before Me, I may talk softly to you, I might even whisper in your ear tenderly. Seduction is one of My favorite game. So long as you are an obedient slave, I am a happy Goddess. If you’re worthy I will treat you like the good sub you are, offering My attention in exchange for your total adoration. Tell me all your fantasy`s, kinks, and share your darkest secrets.

Your Goddess and Owner,

Goddess Nemesis

 EMAIL (413) Three Zero Six - 9397

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Goddess Nemesis
A Dominatrix of the Highest Caliber

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