Goddess Gia Peccato

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There are plenty of reasons why men seek to submit. Past inhibitions, sincere submission, curiosity, and wonder make up but a few of the complexities of the submissive psyche. The power of My dominance comes from the fact that I understand the complexities that intertwine Uus. I have a need, a most carnal urge- to have you on the floor besides me, earning My approval. It is more than physical eroticism- it is the mental tuning of a new violin. I twist and your whimpers call a melody. A melody that tells Me something: you and I have connected. I lead you follow, I hurt, you accept your subversion, My most intimate perversion.
Continue down the path of these letters besides My images. Unlike many times in life when one looks and thinks "this is too good to be true," I have a mind that is as sadistic as I look sweet. However the most deviant part of Me is that I understand you. I understand the electricity that goes through you as you kneel and you feel the warmth of an aggressively stern touch, as your hair is pulled, and eyes are locked. The moment follows with a deep dive down into a little place few have seen- the real submissive within you, bowing his head to honor Me.
I am delicately attuned with various complexities within Myself. I love corporal punishment from the beautiful way my hands sway to discipline you over My knee with sound spanks, canes, floggers, whips, paddles, brushes, etc. As you can already tell My mind and My hands have a perverse little treaty, the more they hurt you- the more your pain arouses Me. I love medical play, chastity, tt, especially when combined with the lethal looks of My feet in heels and nylons as I walk over you and probe your mind in dual spectrums of pain and submission. I have many other little fetishes I love from leather to trance- I am an artist, be My canvas.

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Location / Contact Information:
I am located in a discrete location in Midtown West in New York City. Appointments can be booked via links on this page. you can also read more at GiaPeccato.com. I am making travel plans for the future. Make sure to catch Me. If you are not within proximity of Boston and NYC I can be reached via niteflirt.

E-Mail: GiaPeccato@gmail.com

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